Making customized furniture for your friends and family.

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When you are an avid furniture maker, or if you want to get a little bit more involved in the craft, you can work to make customized furniture for your friends and family. Many believe that mixing business and friendship is never a good idea. As a result, instead of selling these items to your loved ones, you could make them as gifts.

Even though you are gifting these individuals, you still need to consider what they like. You may wish to tell them that you are going to make customized furniture for their Read more…

Tips on selling homemade furniture to stores for commission.

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If you make your own homemade furniture, you might be sitting on top of a goldmine without ever knowing it! As we start to turn a critical eye towards where the things we enjoy come from, and as we consider what it takes to get quality goods, there is an emerging market for good furniture made by hand.

When you want to pitch your furniture to the local stores, make sure that you first set a price including the store’s commission. Depending on the store’s standards, they can take anything from a twenty Read more…

Using real wood for the best quality homemade furniture.

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The wide assortment of hobbies that exist is almost too long to even list or process. One of the best hobby options are those where you get to truly create and craft something that will be useful, appreciated and valued for many years to come. This is most evident when it comes to the hobby of making wood furniture. You want to make sure that the pieces you create are going to be durable enough to last Read more…

Refinishing Furniture the Right Way

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You take a lot of pride in your home. You’ve been to to get an alarm, you spend all weekend mowing your grass and you take care in choosing furniture. If you’re into redoing older pieces we’ve got a few suggestions for doing it the right way – take a look!
Always Sand – Don’t neglect this step – it’s crucial! Always sand a wooden piece before you paint it to remove any flakes or spots that aren’t event to ensure when the paint goes on you’ll get a smooth, even coat.
Primer is King – Along the same vein is primerdon’t think it’s a waste of time. Unless you’re using a stain you’ve got to prime to ensure the color you choose will not only stick but that it won’t show through the underlayer.
Seal! – Once you’ve created your masterpiece it’s crucial that you seal the color in to prevent wear and tear. You’ll stop fading from use or sun and ensure your piece will have a long life of handling and being enjoyed by the whole family. Don’t make it a museum in your home!

Tips on making durable and comfortable homemade furniture.

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Anything home made tends to be sentimental and valuable in the eyes of the maker and family members. Although most of this home made furniture tends to tug at the heartstrings of those who created it, or those for whom it was created, more often than not it tends to be rather uncomfortable. However, there are certain steps that one can take in order for the furniture to be useable and durable.

To begin with, Read more…

Save money by making your own furniture at home.

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Many people indulge in making their own furniture for many reasons. It is fun, gives bragging rights, and you can make what you think looks good instead of depending on another manufacturer to create something that would perfectly accent you home. However, one key reason to make your own furniture is simply to save money. Anyone who has moved into a new place or redecorated will know the high expense that comes with furnishing a home. Read more…

Starting a business selling your homemade furniture.

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These days more and more individuals are designing and creating their own homemade furniture, with some having a desire to make it a home based business. With prices of furniture rising and the quality suffering the homemade furniture industry is growing. No longer are individuals just making it for themselves, and family and friends. Many are looking to expand their enterprise into a money making venture. Here are some tips to make this transition as smooth as possible.

One of the mistakes many people make when starting to sell Read more…

Filling your home with some great handmade furniture.

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Filing your home with handmade furniture can be the coolest thing you can ever do. Getting that feeling of accomplishment and knowing that almost everything in your home was made by you. Recycling some old things and making it perfectly new and placing it your home. Many people around the world have their homes filled with only handmade things. It’s a good way to save a lot of money and have your place looking really nice at the same time.

If you’ Read more…